3D LipoMed

An Award-Winning and Revolutionary 3 in 1 treatment for weightloss, cellulite, skin tightening and fat reduction

At our Beauty Clinic in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, we are excited and proud to be one of the first approved 3D LipoMed clinics in Scotland! Do you want to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat? Do you want to lose inches or tighten skin? If so, consider 3D Lipomed – a revolutionary NEW fat-reduction treatment is now available at Forte Beauty Clinic…

We offer a FREE CONSULTATION on all 3D LipoMed treatments and packages. 

Your 3D Lipo Questions Answered...
What is the difference between 3D liposuction and standard liposuction?

Unlike traditional liposuction, the 3D procedure is entirely non-invasive. We use various strategies – including ultrasound, radio frequency and cryolipolysis – to reduce fat without ever going beneath the skin. Furthermore, where standard liposuction requires a lot of vigorous exercise to metabolise the fat cells after the procedure, the 3D treatment gives outstanding results without any exercise at all

How does 3D LipoMed work?

A full 3D liposuction treatment incorporates several individual procedures, including cavitation (which uses ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells), cryolipolysis (which freezes fat cells without affecting other body cells), radio frequency (which serves to tighten the skin) and dermology (rolling the skin to reduce cellulite). These treatments are available individually or as part of a larger fat-removal programme

Are there any side effects?

Aside from the possibility of some mild discomfort directly after each treatment, this non-invasive approach to liposuction comes with very few risks or side effects, especially compared to traditional liposuction.

Who can get 3D Lipo?

All potential clients are screened at the initial consultation with our experienced practitioner to ensure the best treatment package based on your current situation and goals. We cannot offer the 3D liposuction treatment to pregnant women or those who are currently breastfeeding. Must be 18+ years also. 

Aftercare Advice

Avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, and large meals directly after 3D Lipomed treatments. Your practitioner will advise you on the best aftercare.

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Experienced Practitioners

All of our 3D LipoMed Practitioners are highly experienced and have completed accredited 3D Lipo training courses.


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Our treatment rooms are designed with your comfort in mind in a non-clinical cosy treatment room. 


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We offer a free consultation with one of our 3D LipoMed practitioners. No Obligation!

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Brenda Traynor

Client – 3D LipoMed

“I cannot recommend these treatments enough… I was ashamed of my body and couldn’t wear anything remotely tight wearing due to my love handles and sagging belly. After just 5 short treatments with Cate I am looking and feeling my best. Thanks ever so much!”

Sarah Jones

Client – ‘Fat Freezing’

“After a free consultation with Cate I decided to go for Fat Freezing treatments on my thighs. I’m so impressed by the results and lost over 3 inches from both thighs. There’s a big noticeable difference and I’m going back for other areas! Can’t wait”

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